Choosing font combinations for your graphic/website design can be tedious; use Google Fonts to save time and money

As a designer or non-designer you want to pick font combinations that compliment your message and compliment one another. Whether you are a designing personal blog page or a wedding save the date, the same basic rules apply: 1) pick legible fonts , 2) Pick fonts that portray the appropriate mood or style of the topic/event,  3) limit your font selection to 1 or 2 fonts, sometimes 3 (4 is pushing it!). Don’t over do it. My secret to picking the font combinations quickly? GOOGLE FONTS! \

Google fonts is a tool I use time and again and I urge you to check it out for  guidance with font combinations or for inspiration to try something new in your graphic design or website projects.

Top 5 reasons I use Google fonts for choosing fonts and why you should too:

  1. Hundreds of FREE, open source fonts
    (My go to for finding these FREE for commercial-use font downloads is
  2. Fonts are optimized for the web and Google fonts provides css to embed fonts into your website. (great to keep in mind if you will be using for branding online and in print
  3. Google fonts offers a “Pairings” feature that gives you suggestions on the font combinations (which other fonts work well together)(HANDS DOWN BEST FEATURE!)
    Found under Pop-Out> Pairings
    Example: Open Sans pairings
  4. Preview tool to see how fonts will display
  5. Character set preview of every style of font available
    Example: Open Sans Character Set

Save time browsing through 1000s of fonts and Google searching “font combinations.” Been there, done that! When in search of font combos or font pairings use Google fonts  for your next design project.

Happy designing 🙂