About Dawn Hebert


I loved design long before I even knew what graphic design was. Starting out cutting and pasting my own layouts together in a black and white composition book, I eventually discovered my talent in marketing class when my ads designed in Microsoft word were beyond average. Little did I know I had sparked the beginning of a lifelong romance with graphics.

Thousands of design hours and happy clients later, graphic design still hasn’t lost its luster. I’m at it morning, noon and night and continue to learn with every project. Best of all, I’ve learned to use my talent and skills to help others. I’ve realized that great design is important but a satisfied customer is most important. Graphic design isn’t solely about aesthetics and personal taste, it is about listening, finding solutions, communicating and often making sense of “non-designers” lingo like “can you make that pop?”

All-in-all, people are what make design great; the people behind the logos and brands, and the people in the audience, and people like me that want to bring business and customer together with effective branding, print collateral, websites and media solutions.



  • InDesign 100%
  • WordPress 100%
  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 75%
  • Premiere Pro 50%
  • Constant Contact 80%